Chapter 3: Meow, Humans are Liars

“Hey, are you free today?” He Yi asked, holding the phone.

“What is it?” A low voice sounded on the other end of the phone, a hint of impatience could be heard. 

“You promised to raise one for me!” He Yi said. “Did you forget?”

There was silence… As it turned out, this son of a bitch, Yu Linfei, really forgot about helping him raise a cat…

“Yu Linfei…” He Yi wanted to cry without tears. “If you don’t want to raise it, just say it. I’ll find another owner for my baby!”

He didn’t know how long it had been before He Yi heard an answer from the other end of the phone. 

“Fine.” Yu Linfei said.

Just like that, He Yi asked Yu Linfei to come to his house to see the cat the next day. Though at first he wanted to give Second Fluff to Yu Linfei, a series of reactions from Second Fluff made him hesitate… It seemed that Second Fluff really didn’t want to be sent away, but he couldn’t keep a big litter of cats… He really wanted to, but he could only helplessly curl his mouth. If he really kept a big litter of cats, he might be thrown out by his brother. 

Since he had no way, he had to give them to friends around him. Fortunately, he had a lot of friends, and they seemed to be very interested in pets. 

“Oh, Yu Linfei, don’t fall for Second Fluff.” He scratched his head, then said to himself, “If you really do like…” If Yu Linfei really took a fancy to Second Fluff, there was only one thing Second Fluff could do… forgive his heartless owner… wuwu. 

He was still drinking his mother’s milk, obviously unaware that he was going to be sold by his owner. Drinking milk little by little, his tail swung on the ground, his mood very low.

What should he do after becoming a cat? Could he just live as a cat from now on? … No, it was too cruel! Wen Cheng felt in his heart that it was too difficult to be a cat…

It also seemed that his owner had a good relationship with Yu Linfei. Otherwise, how could he want to give him to Yu Linfei? It was true that even after becoming a cat, he couldn’t escape the strange circle of Yu Linfei. Wen Cheng let go of the mama cat’s □□ and licked his paw… But then again, since he didn’t die, didn’t he have a chance to learn why Yu Linfei killed him?

Wen Cheng looked at the little yellow cat sleeping on his right. He really wanted to know if Yu Linfei was really deceiving him from beginning to end. How many real emotions were there in his three-year relationship?

Frankly speaking, even if he was killed by Yu Linfei, Wen Cheng still didn’t give up. The image of the gentle lover was hard to change, and so Wen Cheng constantly found excuses for his death in his mind. Perhaps Yu Linfei had some secret troubles? Perhaps it was because someone was threatening him?

Even though Wen Cheng kept thinking that way, he still subconsciously knew that he and Yu Linfei couldn’t go back in the end. First of all, he’d become a cat. Second, even if he had become a human being, he couldn’t live with Yu Linfei as freely as before.

It was like a piece of glass that had cracked. No matter how much you tried to fix it, there’s no way to make that crack intact. It would only get bigger and bigger until it eventually shattered the glass completely.

Indulging in his sad world, Wen Cheng couldn’t help but meow a few times. He didn’t know, however, that those few meows… put him into a very awkward situation.

“Just two?” The man in the black suit looked very cold as he looked at the yellow and black cats laying beside the mama cat. 

“Yes, Eldest Fluff has already been given away.” He Yi looked at Yu Lin and said, “I’ll give you Bun.”

“Bun?” Yu Linfei raised his eyebrows and said, “Which one?”

“This yellow one.” Pointing at the third sleeping cat, He Yi said, “He’s very well-behaved.”

“… What’s this one’s name?” Without listening to He Yi, Yu Linfei looked at the other pure black kitten.

“Second Fluff,” He Yi said the two words dryly, feeling a little embarrassed. “But you can change its name after you take it back.”

“… Second Fluff.” Laughing at the name, Yu Linfei said, “How is its personality?”

“It’s very sticky.” He Yi thought about it and decided to tell the truth. “It’s much lazier than Bun. It’s very spoiled, but you’re so busy. Would you have time to let Second Fluff stick to you?”

Indeed. Yu Linfei listened to He Yi’s words and seriously thought that keeping a pet was a casual pastime for him. He didn’t have that much time and energy to spend with a cat.

Just when Yu Linfei decided to take Bun, he suddenly heard a faint cat cry.

The cry of a kitten that hadn’t even been weaned was very small, and it was just a whimper… but it felt as if a small claw was scratching at Yu Linfei’s heart. 

“Why is he meowing?” Yu Linfei moved his gaze from Bun to Second Fluff.

“Oh, maybe it’s bored?” He Yi looked at Yu Linfei’s interested look and dryly coughed. “He’s very good, but he’s too sticky. If he’s left alone for a day, he’ll make trouble everywhere.” … Yu Linfei, don’t you hate sticky creatures the most? Hurry up and say you want Bun, Bun, Bun…

“Sticky?” Not knowing what to think, Yu Linfei suddenly squatted down. “Can I hug them?”

“Of course…” He Yi refused to be incompetent… It was him who wanted to send Second Fluff away before… he couldn’t break his promise now… 

“Meow…” Wen Cheng was brought out of his wandering thoughts as he was suddenly picked up. He looked at the familiar face in front of him, his body stiffened and he couldn’t help but meow.

“He’s afraid of me?” Yu Linfei raised his eyebrows. “Are all cats this timid?”

“Haha… They’ll be a little timid with strangers.” Looking at Second Fluff’s watery golden eyes, He Yi’s heart was really soft.

“Hmm.” Yu Linfei thought for a moment as he touched the kitten’s stiff body. “I still want this one.”

He Yi: “What??”

Wen Cheng: “Meow??”

“You seem reluctant?” Looking at He Yi with a smile, Yu Linfei raised the cat in front of him and looked at his golden eyes… Strange, why could he see panic in this cat’s eyes?

“Meowu!!” Before He Yi could reply, Wen Cheng’s hair exploded. He swatted Yu Linfei’s hand with one claw. While he was stunned, Wen Cheng didn’t hesitate to break away from his hands and run to the living room!

“… Ah.” He Yi was shocked by Second Fluff’s sudden anger, but he hurriedly said, “Is your hand okay?”

“It’s nothing.” What power did a little kitten’s claws have? Looking at the pink scratches on his hand, Yu Linfei said to He Yi, “I want him.”

“…” Aren’t you just looking for abuse? He Yi silently vomited in his heart, but decided to persuade him again, “Are you sure? Bun is more gentle than Second Fluff… and more well-behaved…”

“No.” Yu Linfei looked at He Yi thoughtfully and said, “Do you like Second Fluff that much?”

“Haha… All right.” He Yi smiled awkwardly…

“How can I take him back?” Yu Linfei said directly.

“… I’ll prepare a basket for you.” He Yi didn’t expect Yu Linfei to be so hurried. “Is everything you need for a cat ready?”

“What do you need?” Yu Linfei asked.

“… Cat bed, cat food, kitty litter… and all kinds of snacks.” He Yi gave up on Second Fluff…

“Okay.” Taking out his phone, Yu Linfei directly ordered people to buy everything.

…. I hate evil capitalism. With no more justification to keep Second Fluff any more, Hey Yi said dejectedly, “Let’s go and get Second Fluff out.”

Knowing that he was in great danger, Wen Cheng hid under the sofa and shivered. He thought that if he was raised by Yu Linfei, he didn’t know if he’d really go mad. 

“Second Fluff? Come out, Second Fluff.” He Yi’s voice reached Wen Cheng’s ears and he hid even more.

“Listen to me, the sofa is so dirty.” Somewhat helpless against Second Fluff’s fierce reaction, He Yi said, “If you don’t come out, then you’ll be spanked…”

“…” Won’t go with Yu Linfei… No!! He Yi’s gentle persuasion wasn’t accepted by Wen Cheng. On the contrary, he was even more nervous when thinking about living with Yu Linfei in the future… He was so scared, so scared to see Yu Linfei’s true face… if Yu Linfei already had another lover… if Yu Linfei was really just pretending to like him…

“Naughty cat.” The shadow on his head was suddenly replaced by light, and Yu Linfei pinched the back of his neck before he could react. He was smiling, but what he said turned Wen Cheng cold. “How much do you hate me? Hmm? Kitten?”

“Meow…” He cried lowly, and Wen Cheng found that… as a cat, he really couldn’t resist what was imposed upon him. The only thing he could do… was probably to let out a couple meows.

“The basket.” Seeing He Yi so distressed, Yu Linfei said lightly, “You won’t regret it?”

… He really regretted it! He Yi had no choice but to know that Second Fluff didn’t want to be sent away… and he couldn’t ask Yu Linfei if he really wanted a cat.

“It’s pretty cute.” As if he couldn’t see Wen Cheng trembling, Yu Linfei laughed happily, “Don’t run around, if you run around…”

… What happens if you run around? Wen Cheng’s ears pricked up.

“Just put a collar around your neck.” Yu Linfei smiled.

Wen Cheng could suddenly see his miserable future… God, who would tell him what kind of sick joke this was?? Did he ever do anything to offend the heavens??

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Warm route. 

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  1. So cute! But also a bit sad, when Wen Cheng was thinking about finding out that Yu Linfei had a lover, etc.

    Can’t wait until the misunderstandings are relieved and WC gets comforted by YL.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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